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The QR Code Conundrum Poses Good, Bad Outcomes

QR (quick response) codes have been around for years, and during the pandemic they became a common sight…

Cybersecurity Technology

Scam Alert: Social Media Phishing

Scammers are always trying different ways to trick an unsuspecting person into running and installing…


Multi-Factor Authentication – The layered approach to securing your accounts

You may have been asked to set up a Multi-Factor Authentication for some of your online accounts. And maybe…


Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a Reminder to Protect Accounts

As a cybersecurity professional, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an opportunity for me to reach out and…


Smartphone or Digital Camera – What’s best for me?

Today almost everyone has a camera in their pocket. You use your smartphone to take photos of your kids, a…


The Importance of Backup

We live in an incredible information age where the majority of what we communicate, consume, and store is in…


Weighing the pros and cons of fiber, compared with 5G

Access to fiber — for high-speed internet service — continues to grow in Hawaii. At the same time, cellphone…


Holiday Tech Gift Guide

Can you believe the holidays are already here? It means it’s time to dig into our holiday gift guide. Since…