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Cybersecurity Articles

Cybersecurity Technology

Strong Passwords and Password Managers

Do you have a unique lock and key for your front door or do you put a pad lock bought at your nearest Walmart…

Cybersecurity Technology

Updating Software

We have all seen our phones and computers doing automatic updates at one point or another, but have you ever…

Cybersecurity Technology

Scam Alert: Social Media Phishing

Scammers are always trying different ways to trick an unsuspecting person into running and installing…

Community Cybersecurity

Business Spotlight: Myron B. Thompson Academy

The Myron B. Thompson Academy (MBTA) is a hybrid K-12 school that provides competency-based courses and…


Security Awareness: 5 Traits to Become a Human Firewall

The security of your organization depends upon you, the human firewall. You help prevent security events and…


It's Hurricane Season: 5 Expert Tips for Your Business Continuity Plan

Hawai`i businesses are well aware of the importance of disaster preparation. The outlook for 2022 anticipates…


Security Reminder: Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is an added step to the login process that helps protect your account.…


How To Detect a Scam in 2022

We have all been told over the years how to spot a phishing email based on technical details. For instance,…


Russian-Ukrainian conflict has upped risk of cyberattacks

A lot is happening in the physical world in Eastern Europe, but many may not be aware of what is happening in…


What is CMMC 2.0 and How You Can Prepare for It

Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification 2.0 is the current iteration of a new framework established by…