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Outstanding Women in Technology

By Hawaiian Telcom on Apr 20, 2023 10:57:30 AM

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Our Women in Technology video series features a group of outstanding wahine at Hawaiian Telcom. Having more women in the tech industry brings unique perspectives and ideas to the table, lending to more diverse and innovative solutions.

Watch our video series for an insightful look into their roles as leaders in technology at Hawaiian Telcom.

Gina Uyema, Senior Manager - Planning & Engineering 


On overcompensating and confidence as a female working in a male-dominated industry:

"What I've learned during the years is that's the complete opposite of what you should do. Take a role that you're yourself. It will get you further in your career than you think."

Sheilah Lee - Lead Business Analyst


On careers available in the technology industry:

"You think of technology as something very technical -- you have to be a coder [or all these intricate things]. There are many different flavors and careers in technology. For me it's more of the analysis part...and that's the part I like the best."

Kimberly Fujita - Technical Operations Manager, Advanced Services


On choosing her place of work in technology that aligned with her beliefs and values:

"I'll never forget my first interview. I thought I did really poorly and I remember telling my boss at the very end of the interview. I said, "Well you know thank you for your time. I really appreciate it. I will see you again because this is where I want to work."

Jaydence Goya - Senior Manager, Strategy & Broadband Deployment


On seeing more women in technology roles:

"I have seen that growth. I think we bring a different perspective to the table and I have the opportunity to work with a lot of great women, very intelligent women that I look up to in the company. I'm hoping that I can be that to others."


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