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Is a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system right for your business?

By Hawaiian Telcom on Jun 17, 2020 2:11:07 PM

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Here’s the top 5 questions to ask yourself if your business should make the switch to a VoIP phone system. 

Do you need new phone hardware with advanced calling features? 
With a VoIP system, your phone hardware along with maintenance on the phones are included with your service.  It also includes features like automatic attendant, find-me-follow-me and voicemail to email. 

Do you anticipate the size of your business changing? 
VoIP phone solutions are highly scalable and make it very easy to add (or remove) phones as needed without having to buy new hardware. 

Does your business have multiple locations? 
VoIP solutions allow for enterprise-wide networking allowing for extension dialing between multiple sites. 

Do you make a lot of domestic long-distance calls? 
There are no long-distance fees for domestic calling with VoIP phones. 

Are you looking to lower your costs? 
VoIP solutions allow businesses to run their voice and data connection over a converged circuit. Often reducing overall usage cost and lowering the need for management of your phone system and network. It also allows you to move your phone expenses from capital expense to operating expense. 

Hawaiian Telcom’s Business Voice services offer an array of VoIP solutions.  Learn more or call us at 888-1859 to see if Business Voice is right for your business. 

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