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How to Kickstart Your Business

By Sam S. on Jan 18, 2024 9:00:00 AM

Tags: Business Solutions

Whether you are looking to kickstart a new business in 2024 or making the leap from side-hustle to main-hustle, your entrepreneurial passion can demand a great deal of patience and learning. But, with the right partners supporting you in areas that you are less experienced in, you can better leverage your strengths to set your business up for success.

Let's get down to businessHTbusiness

No matter what stage you are in to get your business off the ground, every up-and-coming business owner should consider these important first steps:

  • Investing in market research
  • Building a business plan and goals
  • Exploring benefits of e-commerce versus brick & mortar
  • Collaborate with other entrepreneurs for new ideas and increased brand visibility
  • Understanding which business structure will give you the right balance of benefits and legal protection
  • Protecting yourself with the right insurance partner
Broaden your reach with e-commerce

If you are still searching to find the right space to meet your audience or don't quite have the budget for a brick & mortar yet, an e-commerce store is the perfect start to bring your business to new heights. An online store can help cut down on in-person costs, ease supply chain management, expand your reach and uncover new customer segments. Some considerations to hit the ground running with e-commerce:GeneralGettyDesk

  • Find the platform that works best for business
  • Establish preferred payment methods
  • Connect inventory to your website 
  • Create clear guidelines for fulfillment, shipping, and return policies
  • Market your offerings on your e-commerce site and social media pages
Elevate your business

A key part in launching a business that we haven't directly mentioned yet? Technology. Finding a partner that will provide you with innovative technology that enables your business to thrive is a step you don't want to miss. It's likely that nearly every goal you have set for your business involves technology or the internet in one way or another. With Hawaiian Telcom's Fioptics Internet, you can reach your milestones at unmatched speeds. How?

  • 99.9% reliable connectivity: You worked hard to get your business off the ground. It deserves a connection that won’t crash. Fioptics Business provides upload and download speeds faster than any in the region.
  • Future-proof fiber: Outdated technology leaves businesses vulnerable to attacks, interruptions, and poor customer experience. Fiber technology, on the other hand, is battle-tested for the present and designed to evolve with your internet needs of tomorrow.
  • Flexible business solutions: Whether it’s fulfilling orders, communicating with your team and clients, or doing all of these at once — by partnering with Hawaiian Telcom, you will not only have unrivaled internet speeds, but phone solutions and security fortifications to keep your business at the top of its game.
Ready to connect?

A fast and reliable internet connection is the foundation of nearly every business in today's world, especially those getting started with an e-commerce site. Set up an consultation below to see how Hawaiian Telcom can help kickstart your business into the new year.


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