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Hawaiian Telcom is Working to Bridge the Digital Divide in Wai‘anae

Hawaiian Telcom is working to bridge the digital divide in Wai‘anae by enabling More Homes and Businesses…

Fiber Internet

Introducing Fioptics - Hawaii's Only 100% Fiber Internet

Hawaiian Telcom is expanding its ultra-fast fiber-to-the-premises internet service known as Fioptics to an…

Fiber Internet

Hawaiian Telcom is Rewiring its Networks for Fiberoptics (Video)

Did you know that fiber optic cables are thinner than a strand of hair but can transfer data at the speed of…


Supporting the Young Professionals Program at the Chamber of Commerce

Our President and General Manager Su Shin Meisenzahl joined Katie Pickman and Ryan Tanaka in the Chamber of…


Local Volunteer Opportunities in Hawaii

In the month of April, we celebrate National Volunteer Month by recognizing the importance of giving back to…


Hawaiian Telcom Ranks #1 in Cloud Services

Hawaiian Telcom was listed as the #1 Cloud Services Company in Hawai`i in the Pacific Business News recurring…


Artists Spotlight - Black History Month

Art has the power to shed light on distinct perspectives. There are stories and a series of emotions that can…


Influential Black Musicians and Artists - Black History Month

It goes without saying that music brings richness and vibrancy to its unique culture. Black History Month…


Black History in the Making: Must-Watch List

As we honor Black History Month in the month of February, we encourage you to reflect on the many experiences…


Event Recap: Workspace Modernization Strategies

The workspace of the future has already arrived. To stay competitive and attract and retain top talent,…