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Hawaiian Telcom University: How does your cybersecurity posture stack up?

By Hawaiian Telcom on Oct 22, 2020 6:33:36 PM

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During our Hawaiian Telcom University Event we discussed the ways ABC Stores and Prince Resorts Hawaii overcame their security challenges and implemented solutions to strengthen their security posture. We also got some tips on how to improve your security measures. 

What is Security Posture?

Security posture refers to an organization's overall cybersecurity strength and how well it can predict, prevent and respond to ever-changing cyberthreats. An organization's security posture comprises its networks, information security, network security, data security and internet security, as well as penetration testing, vendor risk management, vulnerability management, data breach prevention, security awareness training for employees to prevent social engineering attacks, and other security controls.

Did you miss the event? Watch the full recorded session now!


  • Top security concerns with Hawaii Businesses include Data breaches, training staff to identify cybersecurity risk, and staying up to date with the latest security measures.
  • Businesses that use credit cards need to stay on top of keeping their transactions and data secure. Controlling and modifying access to sensitive data and a constantly changing credit card technology are some of the bigger challenges for a PCI compliant organization.
  • Adjusting business practices during COVID. Some of the challenges that businesses faced to adjust for include remote access for voice systems, purchasing additional equipment like laptops for working from home, setting up remote access, enabling personal mobile devices and enabling the speed needed for the remote users. 
  • Have a technology partner that you trust. It is much more efficient to find the right technology partner to tackle the security problems rather than trying to create this expertise yourself. 

If you have questions about cybersecurity, feel free to email your account managers or email us at and we'll have one of our experts get back to you.

Hawaiian Telcom University was originally created as a day-long technology event for Hawaii’s businesses and IT professionals. It has since transformed into a series of shorter educational presentations to help Business and Residential customers better navigate the connection between technology and issues that affect their everyday lives.

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