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Protecting Small Businesses from Cyberthreats with Secure Network

By Adam Walton on Apr 25, 2024 1:55:19 PM

Tags: Security, Cybersecurity

If you’re a small or medium-sized business (SMB) owner, you know you have to balance the need to increase employee productivity without increasing your business’ exposure to threats from online criminals. To gain a competitive edge you’re likely to adopt new technologies like IoT devices - tablets, smartphones, POS systems, security cameras, speakers. However, the more heavily you rely on these technologies, the more you’re exposing your business to cybersecurity threats.

24-HT-1453_infographic_8.5x11_v3Various small businesses - like retail shops, restaurants, financial services, hair salons, coffee shops, or construction companies - are prime targets for cyberattacks. They might have a few employees who function as an unofficial IT department, but when it comes to protecting the business from cybercrime, they often act reactively rather than proactively.

Short on time and money, it can be hard to navigate and evaluate the many cybersecurity offerings out there. Determining this is critical, however, as a cybersecurity breach can result in more than a financial loss—it can hurt your company's reputation and weaken customer trust.

Secure Network: A Cybersecurity Solution for SMBs from Hawaiian Telcom

Secure Network is an enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution designed to protect small businesses from ever-evolving cyberthreats while delivering premium network performance.

Secure Network uses Fortinet’s industry-leading technology to proactively monitor and defend business networks. Features like Web Security and Device Security are powered by AI and machine learning, meaning they can detect and block potential threats in real-time. It also offers 24/7 cybersecurity peace-of-mind through always up-to-date threat intelligence and automatic device isolation in the event of a breach.

When Secure Network is paired with Fioptics Business Internet, businesses can offer separate but equally fast and reliable Wi-Fi networks for guests, vendors, and employees. This bundle ensures that businesses are protected against cyberattacks while taking full advantage of e-commerce, file sharing, video conferencing, data backup, and more.

Smooth and Seamless Installation

Hawaiian Telcom's  professional technicians install and set up Secure Network for your business from start to finish, making installation a hassle-free and easy process. If you’re relocating your business, Hawaiian Telcom delivers a seamless transition without using outside IT vendors and raising costs. We will tailor your installation to your business’ needs, allowing you to upgrade your cybersecurity without disrupting your day-to-day business operations.

Get the best Cybersecurity solution with Secure Network

If you’re an SMB looking for a reliable enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution at an affordable price, Secure Network is the ideal solution. With comprehensive, AI-powered security measures and pain-free installation process, it provides peace of mind and uninterrupted business operations.  

The next step towards safeguarding your business is requesting a consultation from Hawaiian Telcom today. Our team is here to provide the support and expertise needed to navigate the nuances and complexities of effective cybersecurity. 

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