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Secure Network in Action: Three Challenges, One Solution

By Hawaiian Telcom on Apr 30, 2024 12:38:23 PM

Tags: Cybersecurity, Secure Network

Secure Network from Hawaiian Telcom empowers your business with unmatched protection, superior network performance, and an exceptional WiFi experience. Let’s see three examples of how Secure Network can solve different business challenges.

Case Study #1: Coffee Shop


AdobeStock_214566018 - CopyChallenge

The owner wanted to offer premium WiFi experience for his guests while keeping the network secure.


  • Separate WiFi networks for employees and guests.
  • Fioptics Business Internet (600 Mbps download and 600 Mbps upload speed).


  • Dividing the network into isolated sections limits the impact of breaches and reduces the spread of malicious activities.
  • Secure Network provides a secure WiFi experience for both ​employees and guests.
  • Fioptics Business Internet ensures reliable connection with unmatched upload speeds in Hawai'i.

Case Study #2: Accounting Firm



The firm’s owner had a limited budget, but she was worried about the increased rate of cyberattacks on the small businesses like hers. She wanted to protect her customers' data and prevent a potentially catastrophic security breach.


  • AI-powered threat intelligence that shields businesses from cyberattacks attempting to exploit the devices connected to their network.
  • An enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution tailored to a small business's needs. 


The firm's risk of falling victim to cybercriminals is minimal now that its customer data is being protected by Secure Network - a state-of-the art cybersecurity solution at an affordable price.  

Case Study #3: Small Government Agency

Secure network module 2-1


Like many small organizations, the state agency did not have a full-time IT staff to ensure that all software was up to date and the latest cybersecurity measures were in place. 


Always up-to-date cybersecurity solution that detects and automatically quarantines compromised devices and sends out timely customer notifications.  


Secure Network is a low-maintenance and easy-to-install solution that allows the agency to operate in a secure environment without relying on its limited resources.

Protect Your Business

Secure Network protects your data while providing a premium WiFi experience for you and your guests. Take action to safeguard your business - call us at 808-777-6027 or learn more on our website


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