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Introducing Secure Network Solution

By Ann Nishida Fry on Apr 2, 2024 3:36:59 PM

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 Hawaiian Telcom is pleased to announce the launch of Secure Network, an enterprise-grade network solution priced and tailored for small to medium businesses. Secure Network provides cyberthreat protection for businesses with limited IT resources while delivering superior network performance and WiFi.

In our increasingly connected world, the opportunities for cyberattacks have become a much larger threat than a typical small business can address. Any device with outdated or unpatched firmware is a possible opening to a cyberattack – be it a desktop computer, a printer, a point-of-sale system or a smartphone. Hawaiian Telcom’s Secure Network solution protects businesses from cyberattacks no matter where they originate.

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“Every business understands the importance of cybersecurity but it can be challenging to implement, particularly for smaller businesses that do not have the internal resources or expertise to address a continuous onslaught of cyberattacks,” said Filifotu Vaai, Vice President of Business Sales for Hawaiian Telcom. “Technology has leveled the playing field for small businesses in Hawai‘i. Affordable enterprise-grade solutions can help keep your business connected as well as protected.”

Secure Network’s integrated stack of services – firewall, switch, and access points – enables connectivity and mitigates risks, allowing businesses to focus on serving their customers in a secure environment. 

Key Features

  • Comprehensive security that protects wired and wireless devices.​
  • Always up-to-date security threat intelligence, powered by AI and machine learning.
  • Separate WiFi networks for guests and​ employees.
  • Automatic quarantines of compromised devices and timely customer notifications.

When Secure Network is powered by Fioptics, Hawai‘i’s only 100% fiber internet service with the fastest upload speed in the state, businesses are safeguarded against cyberattacks while taking full advantage of broadband-enabled services including e-commerce, file sharing, video conferencing, data backup, and more.

Hawaiian Telcom is the only Hawai‘i internet service provider that has invested more than $1 billion over the last ten years to expand and support its network. Today more than half of the state has access to the latest in technology services enabled by Hawaiian Telcom’s future-proof fiber network.

Click here for more information about Hawaiian Telcom’s Secure Network solution.

About Hawaiian Telcom
Established by King David Kalākaua in 1883, Hawaiian Telcom, a locally managed legacy company, has served Hawaiʻis telecommunications needs for over 140 years. Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaiian Telcom delivers communications solutions, including high-speed internet, video, voice, data network solutions and security, managed and cloud services to residential, business and wholesale customers over its statewide future-proof fiber network. Hawaiian Telcom has expanded the possibilities of community connectivity, offering the fastest, most reliable connection available through its resilient, weather-proof fiber network.

Hawaiian Telcom has made a significant investment in the state, from building local infrastructure, including laying new undersea cables across the Pacific to Asia, to making strides in closing the digital divide by expanding its services statewide and supporting local organizations with programs focused on digital equity. Since 2017, between grants and sponsorships, Hawaiian Telcom has given more than $5.5 million to support nonprofits and charitable initiatives across Hawaiʻi. For more information, visit


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