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96777 Pāhala, Hawai‘i Island, Fourth Zip Code to be Fully Enabled with Fiber

By Hawaiian Telcom on Jan 10, 2024 9:59:24 AM

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96777 Pāhala, on the southeast side of Hawai‘i Island is the latest zip code to be fully enabled with our fiber infrastructure. Part of the Ka‘u District, Pāhala is a former sugar plantation town and today it’s home to many family-owned farms and ranches.

Other zip codes that were fully enabled with Hawaiian Telcom fiber infrastructure this year include:

Bridging the Digital Divide
The neighborhood in which you live often determines your access to schools, jobs, housing, transportation, healthcare services, and other important resources. Hawaiian Telcom is proud to be expanding access to high-speed internet service, the first step in bridging the digital divide in Hawai‘i. Internet connectivity makes a positive difference in our quality of life and we want to see that for every resident and every business.

Enabling 60,000 Additional Locations in 2023
In 2023, we celebrated our 140th anniversary and aimed to enable an additional 60,000 homes and businesses with fiber internet.

*Fully enabled means that every home and business within this zip code that was reasonably accessible has been enabled with access to Hawaiian Telcom’s fiber internet. There may be homes or businesses that were not reasonably accessible due to blocked structures or that may require additional construction or permits to reach.

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