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Hawaiian Telcom is Working to Bridge the Digital Divide in Wai‘anae

Hawaiian Telcom is working to bridge the digital divide in Wai‘anae by enabling More Homes and Businesses…


Connecting Hawai'i: Supporting Educators in the Digital Age

When DreamHouse 'Ewa Beach Public Charter School moved into their space, an old military building built in…

Fiber Internet

Why you need to start paying attention to your Internet's upload speed

If you work from home, livestream on social media, or game a lot, then you should find upload speeds…

Fiber is the future of phone service, too!

 COVID-19 has forced everyone to rely more heavily on communications tools to stay connected from home.…


New Business Commercial

We were delighted to feature local businesses in our latest commercial. As valued Hawaiian Telcom Fiber…


Hawaiian Telcom Extended Broadband Service to 10,740 Locations in 2020

Hawaiian Telcom Extended Broadband Service to 10,740 Locations in 2020Committed to Helping to Bridge the…

Fiber is the Future

In March of 2020, communications networks across the country were put to the test as tens of millions of…