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Tips to get the best signal from your WiFi

By NEED AUTHOR on May 28, 2020 12:25:57 PM

Tags: Internet/WiFi, Residential/Consumer, How-To Guides, Bandwidth

  1. Find your modem, router and Wireless Gateway or Google Wifi extender.
  2. Is this thing on? We’ve all forgotten to turn something on or bumped an outlet by accident. Check all your devices to make sure they’re ON.
  3. Disconnect hidden bandwidth hogs. Most homes have a lot of devices that connect to your WiFi. It’s a smart idea to disconnect unused devices to free up bandwidth.
  4. Stop playing hide-and-seek. Reduce interference and move your Wireless Gateway or Google Wifi extender away from interference like your good old cordless phones or garage door openers. Your Wireless Gateway works best up high and in a central spot.
  5. Internet safely. Secure your WiFi with a unique password with at least 8 characters. Don’t share it with anyone outside your home. It’s also not a bad idea to write it down and put it away somewhere safe. (And somewhere you’ll remember.)
  6. Stay in the fast lane. Get your devices to the clearest, fastest band. If you have Google Wifi, this automatically happens. You’re good. If you use a different gateway, learn how to get to best channel here.
  7. Try not to use all devices all the time. We get it. The whole family is online. But it’s a smart idea to limit secondary device use while you’re doing the important stuff like video conferences.
  8. Plug in for more speed. WiFi technology provides more than ample bandwidth for most devices. But consider a wired Ethernet connection directly to things like the desktop computer you use for work.
  9. Updates are better. Most modern modems, routers and gateways are designed to be updated after they’re installed. Many personal devices automatically install the latest firmware updates, but it’s smart to check your devices to make sure everything is updated and secured.
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