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Fiber Internet

The Advantages of Fiber Internet in Today's Digital Age

In today's digital age, having fast and reliable internet is more important than ever. Whether you're…

News Fiber Internet

Hawaiian Telcom Invests $223M in 2023: Future-Proof Fiber Network Reaches 50% of State

Continuing its endeavor to bridge Hawai‘i’s digital divide, Hawaiian Telcom invested over $223 million of…

Fiber Internet

Hawaiian Telcom x Erin Hiromoto Collaboration

We collaborated with local graphic artist and illustrator Erin Hiromoto to help us celebrate the holiday…

Fiber Internet

Symmetrical Internet Offers Same Upload, Download Speeds

What is symmetrical internet?

Fiber Internet

Investing in Fiber for Digital Equity

Our increasingly digital world can bring our island community closer together if we work together. Broadband…

Fiber Internet

Hawaiian Telcom Donates Faster Internet to 'Iolani Palace

People from around the world who visit Iolani Palace either in person or through virtual tours can now enjoy…

Fiber Internet

Introducing Fioptics - Hawaii's Only 100% Fiber Internet

Hawaiian Telcom is expanding its ultra-fast fiber-to-the-premises internet service known as Fioptics to an…

Fiber Internet

Hawaiian Telcom is Rewiring its Networks for Fiberoptics (Video)

Did you know that fiber optic cables are thinner than a strand of hair but can transfer data at the speed of…

Fiber Internet

Why you need to start paying attention to your Internet's upload speed

If you work from home, livestream on social media, or game a lot, then you should find upload speeds…

Fiber Internet

Why Fiber Internet is Future-Proof

What is Fiber?

In technology and telecommunications lingo, ‘Fiber’ refers to the technology of Fiber-optics,…