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What is...Discord?

While Gen Z and Millennials’ aversion for answering a phone call is well established in the Internet meme…


Are you one of the Walking Breached?

A new F-Secure study reveals how people who used breached services — The Walking Breached — are significantly…

What is...Reddit?

If you follow financial news, you may have heard about Reddit making waves in the stock market. Or maybe…

Tips to Secure Your Smart Home Devices

Did you get or gift a smart device this holiday season? Well you’re certainly not alone! As our gadgets and…

What is...TikTok?

You might have seen people doing something silly and filming themselves on their phones, or maybe you keep…


Building The HIDOE’s ‘Ohana Help Desk

In early August, the Hawai‘i Department of Education (HIDOE) announced that it had partnered with Hawaiian…

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Collaborative caching beneficial to end users

You can find billions of websites and videos on the internet so it may be surprising to learn that most…

How-To Guides

Hawaii residents must stay vigilant against Cyber Fraud

You may have seen excerpts from a report recently released by a Canadian research firm stating that the…

How-To Guides

How to Download Hawaiian Telcom SafeGuard

Covid-19 Preparations

When is the right time to replace your computer?

Being a local information technology manager, people often ask me, “When should I replace my computer?” There…