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One Million HawaiianMiles Donated to Assist the American Red Cross of Hawaiʻi

To help assist with the Maui relief and recovery efforts, Hawaiian Telcom donated one million HawaiianMiles…


Maui Ola: A benefit concert for Maui

On Sunday, August 20, "Maui Ola: A benefit concert for Maui", brought together Hawaiʻi's musicians,…


Hawaiian Telcom Celebrates 140 Years of Building Connections

This year Hawaiian Telcom celebrates its 140th year of building connections for Hawai‘i residents and…


Hawaiian Telcom and Bell Charitable Foundation Award More Than $50,000 in Grants to Hawaiʻi Nonprofit Organizations

Honolulu (July 11, 2023) – Hawaiian Telcom is proud to announce awards totaling more than $50,000 to three…


Lāna‘i: First Island to be Fully Fiber-Enabled by Hawaiian Telcom

Hawaiian Telcom has taken another significant step toward closing the state’s digital divide by completing…


Hawaiian Telcom Launching $87 Million Fiber Broadband Infrastructure Project

Honolulu, Hawai‘i (June 19, 2023) – Hawaiian Telcom announced an $87 million fiber broadband project to…


Fiber-Optic Phone Lines Won’t Affect Alarm Systems

As more Hawaii consumers transition to fiber-based communication services, the question about how alarm…


Hawaiian Telcom Donated More Than $1.2 Million to Local Non-Profits in 2022 - In-Person Employee Volunteer Hours Tripled Over Previous Year

Hawaiian Telcom and its employees donated more than $1.2 million to local non-profits and organizations, and…


Softphones for business offer several key benefits

A softphone is an app that enables users to make and receive phone calls over the internet using a computer…


Hawaiian Telcom Invests $1.5 Million to Complete Fiber Ring in East Hawai‘i - New Infrastructure Skyrockets Network Reliability of Backbone System to 99.999%

Hawaiian Telcom recently invested $1.5 million to complete a fiber ring in East Hawai‘i that increases the…