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How To Detect a Scam in 2022

By Mike Kober on May 18, 2022 4:13:25 PM

Tags: Cybersecurity

We have all been told over the years how to spot a phishing email based on technical details. For instance, there might be misspelled words, the sender might be an address you don’t recognize, or the link might be to a website that looks suspicious ( anyone?).

Here’s how to detect scams in 2022: 

Watch Out for These Signs 

  1. The message arrives unexpectedly. 
  2. It’s the first time the sender has asked you to perform a specific task. It might be something new that the person wouldn’t usually ask you to do. 
  3. The request includes a stressor – like “I need you to do this NOW” or “I’m stuck in a meeting, but this is critical.” 
  4. Performing the request could harm you or the company’s interest. The message might request confidential information like passwords or financial information; ask you to click to view important information, or ask you to bypass normal processes. 

Not every scam will contain all these items, but any of these should be a red flag. If you suspect something might be off with a request, forwarding the email to your company's IT department to verify will go a long way in protecting you and your company. 

CBTS | Hawaiian Telcom has been helping many customers improve their cyber security posture. Solutions like Email SecurityEndpoint Protection, or even Managed IT, can greatly lessen the risk of a cyber attack. If you would like to chat more about securing your business please call us at 808-777-6027 or visit our website for more information. 


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