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How Hawaiian Telcom Enhances Safety at Charley's Taxi

By Hawaiian Telcom on Oct 24, 2023 1:43:31 PM

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When it comes to transportation services in Hawaii, Charley's Taxi has been a trusted name for decades. With a commitment to safety and innovation, Charley's Taxi has continually improved its services to ensure the well-being of both drivers and passengers. One key factor in achieving this goal is their partnership with Hawaiian Telcom.


At the heart of Charley's Taxi's dedication to safety is their training center. This commitment is evident in their investment in advanced training tools, like the Virage driving simulator, which places drivers in various scenarios, teaching them evasive maneuvers, or the Netradyne camera system that can detect pedestrians, vehicles, track movements, and even evaluate driver behavior.

But safety at Charley's Taxi doesn't stop with initial training. A safety coordinator is monitoring driver behavior and incidents. When an incident occurs, he reviews the data to determine whether it was caused by external factors or driver behavior, allowing for swift corrective action.

Hawaiian Telcom's role in all of this is crucial. Their long-standing relationship with Charley's Taxi spans over 80 years, demonstrating their commitment to the company's success. Hawaiian Telcom's Fioptics internet ensures the continuous operation of critical systems, even during power outages. This includes a seamless transfer of calls to analog phones, guaranteeing that customer service remains uninterrupted, even in adverse conditions.

Charley’s Taxi dispatch center manages over 130 drivers and handles an impressive volume of calls daily. They rely on Fioptics to maintain communication with drivers and customers, ensuring that the service remains smooth and efficient.

So, the next time you hail a ride with Charley's Taxi, rest assured that your safety is their top priority, thanks to the power of technology and a dedication to excellence.

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