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Black History in the Making: Must-Watch List

By Hawaiian Telcom on Feb 4, 2022 2:13:16 PM

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As we honor Black History Month in the month of February, we encourage you to reflect on the many experiences of overcoming adversity and the inspiring people from the Black community that has made an impact on your life and how you view the world. Below we've compiled films, series and documentaries that provide a lens to help shape our understanding of the rich cultural heritage of African Americans and insight into the Black experience.

Movies based in the 1950s and 1960s
  • Nine from Little Rock - Informative
    This 1964 documentary covers the Arkansas school integration crisis during the fall of 1957 in just 20 minutes.
  • Introducing Dorothy Dandridge - Inspiring
    TV Movie featuring Halle Berry as Dorothy Dandridge. Follow along as she paved her way to fame as a black dancer, singer, and actress in the 1950s. 
  • Ethnic Notions - Compelling
    This documentary traces the deep-rooted stereotypes which have fueled anti-black prejudice.
  • Selma - Inspiring
    2014 feature film of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s campaign in securing equal voting rights through the march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965.
Movies based in the 1970s and 1980s
Movies based in the 1990s and 2000s
  • Tupac: Resurrection - Inspiring
    Documentary featuring home movies, photos, and recited poetry from one of the most beloved hip-hop MCs of all time, Tupac Shakur.
  • Hotel Rwanda - Compelling
    A hotel manager houses over a thousand Tutsi refugees during their struggle against the Hutu militia in Africa.
  • Guava Island - Artistic
    Starring Donald Glover and Rihanna, this short film tells the story of a musician who wants to hold a festival to liberate the oppressed people of Guava Island.
  • All In: Fight for Democracy - Informative
    2020 documentary taking a look at historical and current activism against voter suppression.
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