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Introducing Fioptics - Hawaii's Only 100% Fiber Internet

By Hawaiian Telcom on May 18, 2022 4:21:30 PM

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Hawaiian Telcom is expanding its ultra-fast fiber-to-the-premises internet service known as Fioptics to an additional 50,000 locations throughout Hawaiʻi this year. More than half of the locations enabled in 2022 will be on the neighbor islands, including Lāna‘i and Moloka‘i.

Why Fioptics Business Internet?

  • More bandwidth. Though thinner than a human hair, fiber optic cables are capable of 10,000 times more bandwidth than traditional copper cables.

  • Hawaii’s fastest upload speed. Fast upload speeds help you serve your customers better, whether it’s smoother video calls, faster customer transactions or effortless file transfers.
  • More resistant. Unlike copper, fiber optic cables do not conduct electricity, making them resistant to interference from radio signals, cell towers and power lines.
  • Better for the planet. Fiber optic cables are efficient for carrying data over long distances and use less energy than metal cables.

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