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Join the Hawaiian Telcom University LinkedIn Group

By Jordan Silva on Oct 14, 2021 3:27:05 PM

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As part of our ongoing effort to help educate and provide information to our local community through Hawaiian Telcom University, we have now created a LinkedIn Group to keep that discussion alive and open.

Hawaiian Telcom University is about bringing our love of technology to the community that supports us, and the team works hard to put together events that provide useful information on new technology, new threats, and really anything else we think is neat. But the conversation can't be limited to once every month or so, it needs to be had in real-time, and continuously so we can all do better.

The HTU LinkedIn Group is about continuing that discussion and engaging with our experts on whatever topics you want to share or ask about.

No sales pitches, no ads. Just a bunch of the team here at HT sharing their passion for all things Tech, and doing our best to help anyone we can.

Click here to join the group. If you have questions - ask, or if you see a cool tech article - post it!

Join the Group

About Hawaiian Telcom University

Hawaiian Telcom University is an ongoing educational series with topics ranging from consumer technology trends to solutions for complex business issues. Hawaiian Telcom University’s aim is to help customers as well as the broader local community better understand technology and how it can be leveraged to improve business process and everyday lives.
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