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Holiday Tech Gift Guide

By Hawaiian Telcom on Nov 17, 2021 10:31:43 AM

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Can you believe the holidays are already here? It means it’s time to dig into our holiday gift guide. Since you probably already know the basic “big hitters” for holiday gift giving, things like a new TV, smartphone, tablet, or game console, we won’t repeat those here. Instead we’ll offer less expected suggestions that we think will please most of the people on your gift list this season.

For their Smart Home 

  1. Smart Speakers – Alexa, Google, and Siri are the virtual assistants that power many of the most popular smart speaker brands. These helpful little bots can be programmed with your home’s other IoT devices and can control everything from baby monitors to the thermostat.
  2. Smart Locks – A smart lock is so much more than just a lock. They can help monitor entry/exits (so you always know who got home after curfew) and can unlock your doors without you having to dig around for your keys!
  3. Smart Doorbells/Security Cameras – If you’re not sure your giftee is ready to make the switch to a digital lock then a Smart doorbell or a security camera might be the best way for them to stick a toe into the waters.
  4. Smart Plugs – Don’t you hate it when you think you might have forgotten to unplug your flat iron? Well, with a smart plug you can turn power on and off from your phone. Goodbye worrying, hello peace of mind.
  5. Robot Vacuum – The biggest name in robot vacuum helpers is Roomba. However, more established brands such as Bissell and Shark also have models available to help make your gift recipient's life a little easier and a little cleaner.  
  6. LED Strip Lights – if you have a streamer/youtuber/tiktoker on your gift list then this is a great option for them. These smart LED strip lights can be programmed in time with music or provide some contrast between their monitors and their background.
  7. Smart Tag – These tags use GPS to help you find your keys, your dog, or anything else that might get misplaced. Tile and Apple Air tags are the two biggest names in this game.
  8. WiFi Mesh Network – If we’ve learned anything from these past 18 months it’s that a strong WiFi signal is a must for a less stressful home life. WiFi mesh networks such as Google WiFi are a great way to ensure you have a strong signal throughout your home. Hawaiian Telcom also offers Whole Home WiFi in our Premier value bundle, which helps you get the most out of our Fiber Internet Service.

For their Self-Care

  1. Smart Pill Bottles – It can be easy to forget if you’ve already taken you medicine, especially if you have to take several at different times throughout the day. Smart pill bottles record when a bottle is opened and connects to an app that you can look and to confirm if you’ve already taken those pills.
  2. Anti-Snoring Monitors - These devices “listen” for snoring and either gently disrupt your sleep with either a slight vibration on a worn wristband/chest band or an inflating/deflating of your pillow to help reposition your body. Cheers to more restful nights of sleep.
  3. Ear wax removal kits – These kits include a camera attached to a scraper which allows you to see right into your ear canal and get the squeakiest clean ears you’ve ever had. You’ll wonder how you survived for so long without hearing the world so clearly.
  4. LED tooth whitening kit – Give them a brighter, whiter smile that is perfect for all those family holiday photos.
  5. Portable health monitors – from blood sugar to oxygen levels there are wearable health monitors that can help you keep track of your health stats. Some smartwatches can also act as fitness trackers.
  6. LED Showerhead – these showerheads change color to indicate if the water is warm or cold. You can also pretend you’re belting out a sultry solo in the shower.

For their Digital Entertainment

  1. Wireless Earbuds – whether they’re Apple Airpods, Samsung Galaxy Buds, Beats by Dre, or Bose everyone on your list will appreciate a new set of Wireless Earbuds. Some features to look for in a quality set: waterproof, Active Noise Cancelation (ACN) and wireless charging capabilities. Add in a set of multi sized silicone ear tips and you’ve got a gift that they’ll appreciate.
  2. PC/Gaming Paraphernalia (mechanical keyboard, gaming headset, mouse, etc) - A great gamer is only as good as their gear. So get them the upgrades they want, from a rainbow backlit custom mechanical keyboards to a gaming mouse or personalized gaming chair. An unexpected twist would be to get them a digital print or drawing of their favorite anime/film/video game so that they can hang it in their background as they stream their gaming sessions.
  3. Occulus VR – VR is arguably the most cutting edge widely available consumer technology. VR tech isn’t just for playing video games. There are educational 360 experiences and exercise apps that make you feel like you’re hunting down zombies while you burn calories.
  4. Sound Bar – enhance their TV binge watching sessions with a state of the art sound bar.
  5. Wireless Digital Projector – from playing video games in king size to tracing a mural onto a bedroom wall, a digital projector might be the item they never realized they needed until you gifted it to them.
  6. Smart Pen – Depending on their tablet device, and what they’re using it for (drawing, note taking, etc.) there are a plethora or smart pens (aka styluses) to choose from. Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft all make popular pens.
  7. Ultra-Thin External Battery – With all their tech toys comes a need for more power. So give them these new thin chargers that they can keep in their wallet! They’re as thin and small as a credit card so their pockets and bags won’t get too bulky.
  8. 3D Printer – This techy hobby pursuit has reached into the mainstream with more affordable starter models and ready to download files so you can easily unbox and start printing.
  9. Drone/GoPro – Help budding videographers or stuntmen hone their skills with a new video camera gadget. These beauties can capture anything you can imagine from beautiful shorelines to the silence of a solo hike though the woods.

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