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Hawaiian Telcom Donates Nearly $70,000 to Kalihi-Pālama Culture & Arts Society

By Hawaiian Telcom on Jun 16, 2023 1:12:42 PM

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As part of Hawaiian Telcom’s 140th anniversary celebration this year, the company and its employees donated nearly $70,000 to the Kalihi-Pālama Culture & Arts Society (KPCAS), a nonprofit organization with a mission to educate youth and preserve authentic Hawaiian culture through hula, Hawaiian language, and music. KPCAS is renowned for its annual Queen Lili‘uokalani Keiki Hula competition and the preservation of hula archives that date back 100 years.

King David Kalākaua, who granted Hawaiian Telcom a charter to provide telephone service in 1883, was known as the “Merrie Monarch” because of his love for hula and the arts. He sought to bring back and preserve Hawaiian music and dance during his reign from 1874 until his death in 1891.  

“As a Hawai‘i company with the distinction of being chartered by King Kalākaua, we recognize our kuleana to help preserve and perpetuate the Hawaiian culture and nothing is more beautiful and uniquely Hawaiian than hula,” said Su Shin, Hawaiian Telcom’s President and General Manager. “Hula is the heart of Hawaiian culture, and our employees across the state recognize this and responded generously. We’re pleased to mark our 140 year anniversary with this special contribution to KPCAS as a tribute to Hawai‘i’s beloved Merrie Monarch.”  

“We are honored to receive this wonderful gift from Hawaiian Telcom and its employees and congratulate this iconic company on its 140 year anniversary,” said Guy Murashige Sibilla, Executive Director of the Kalihi-Pālama Culture & Arts Society. “Hula is more than just a beautiful dance, it’s a meaningful form of communication and storytelling here in Hawai‘i, which is another tie we have to Hawaiian Telcom. This incredible gift ensures hundreds of keiki have the opportunity to share in this important tradition.” Kumu Carolee Nishi, Kumu Robyn Kuraoka and keiki representing Hula Hui O Kapunahala were also present for the event.

King Kalākaua was a world traveler who embraced new, innovative ideas to bring back for Hawai‘i’s people because he believed Hawai‘i deserves the best. Like King Kalākaua, Hawaiian Telcom believes that Hawai‘i deserves the best and is committed to making life better for all who chose to call Hawai‘i home by continuing to invest millions to expand fiber infrastructure and broadband availability statewide.  

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